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It's always fun to visit Las Vegas, most people would agree. Located in the middle of the desert of Nevada, the city of Las Vegas have been the entertainment capital of the world, with great experiences, hotels, attractions and, off course, plenty of gambling option you can think of.

The strip in Las Vegas, the main road were most of the large hotels and casinos located in, can sometimes seen from an outside observer as one big motion picture set. There are huge themes hotels, from Venice canals, to the eiffel tower hotels, one is bigger, and crazier than others.

These hotels are all high end, with restaurants, spas, swimming pools, most equipped with entertainment halls, for shows of best selling artist and magicians and on and on. But the biggest attraction in visiting Las Vegas (combining with all the other perks mentioned above) is off course the betting tables. With so many games, located conveniently in the hotels floor.

From poker tables, to craps, roulette and blackjack tables, Las Vegas casinos offer all of that and much more, in a 24-7 play anytime attitude, Vegas is heaven to tourists, locals, gamblers, and just people who like to play from time to time, and to do so in the capital city of gambling, makes it that much more fun.

There also many young tourist visiting the city, partying in the nigh clubs and parties all over town. Manny couples also find themselves get married in any of the "Elvis churches" spreading around town , because if you are party with your girl, and you are in Vegas, what else is there to do ?

As the city of Las Vegas has evolved and developed in time, many attractions has been created and maintained. One of the bigger attractions in recent years in Las Vegas is the poker tournament of the world series of poker among others. Any person, who is old enough, can buy in and seat down to try and prove he is one of the best poker players in the world. The tournament creates great excitement and drama, and is definitely one of the city main attractions in recent years.