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tokyoAre you thinking of new destination for travel? In my opinion, Tokyo is a good option. Tokyo is also taken as romantic place where you can enjoy your holidays with your partner. Tokyo is located in Japan. Japanese culture is also very famous all around the world. There are multiple cultures followed in Japan. Here are some of the best places to visit in Tokyo.

Harajuku is a colorful and famous all around the world because of its unique and historical culture. People love to wear different costume according to their tokyo harajukoculture. Different languages are also preferred there. These all things make the Harajuku a unique experience for every visitor.

Next beautiful tourist and in Tokyo is Omotesando Avenue. This place has a number of similar features like Harajuku place. This place is a network of trendy shops, restaurants and café. The place looks more attractive and romantic in the evening. Omotesando Hill is a trendy mall in Tokyo. This mall was established only four years back. Now this mall has become the desirable option for the tourists.

There are also two unique shops to visit in Omotesando. These are Kiddy Land and Oriental Bazaar.You can find numerous accessories at low prices here for your little ones and your partner. Most of the tourists are not aware about these wonderful places.

The best time for visiting Tokyo is September to February. The weather is very pleasant in these six months. Tokyo is a populated city and you can find wide array of best Tokyo hotels. Best hotels include countless features. Foreign exchange service is also available in the best Tokyo Japan Hotels. You can check the list of best Tokyo hotels over Internet. Best hotels provide beautiful view and excellent food facility. Parking facility is also available in the best Tokyo Japan hotels.

Every hotel has its personal website that offers online booking facility. You can also check the reviews over their website. Check the price for single room on the website. Compare the prices with other hotels in order to track the best deal. A little awareness can save your hard earned money. Don’t forget to complete your homework to decide the final deal. Check all necessary features that are required by you. Tokyo hotels offer best deal at favorable price for you. Tokyo is not so expensive if you plan your trip carefully. You can find Tokyo Japan Hotels at good price also.

If you are planning your trip in tight budget then search for complete list of cheap hotels in Tokyo. Cheap hotels in Tokyo are also divided into two categories. You should check the cheap hotels for their services. Some hotels are very cheap but they are not good to stay. On the other hand, some hotel also provides luxurious facilities at your price. You can also consult with some travel agent to get the complete information about cheap hotels in Tokyo. The travel agent provides quality information for you.