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France is one of the most diverse countries in all of Europe, from the stunning valleys in Dordogne, to the cool, calm peaks in the Alps, the cultural melting pot of Paris to the rugged Brittany coastline. Each and every French region has different architecture, different restaurants and a completely different landscape – you wouldn't be able to fit everything in in a whole year of visits. Learn more about traveling in France with these tips.

Try to Speak French5
Even if the waiters correct your pronunciation or answer your question in English, trying your hand at the language and making the effort to speak even a little bit of French will really open doors for you throughout your stay. Don't think that just because the French respond in English that you should just speak in English from the off – instead, make the effort and you'll see that it'll be massively appreciated.

Try Something New
France is the country of fabulous food, fabulous drink, fabulous walks, culture and countryside. Make the most of it by trying something new everyday. Never eaten steak tartar before? You're in France, so you might as well give it a go. If you've never done much walking, now is definitely the time to start. And if you've never gone on a river cruise? France is definitely the place to start – so take a look at these great river cruises in France for more inspiration.

Ask For Advice
Stuck for ideas on where to travel? Ask a local. They might have a favorite restaurant or wine bar to recommend, or they might know about an attraction or walk that you might not have heard of. Attractions like Les Gorges du Verdon, a stunning set of gorges that has widely been described as the European Grand Canyon, Jardin du Luxembourg, a lovely garden in the center of Paris and Carnac, France's answer to Stonehenge, are not as well known as some of the most common French attractions like the Eiffel Tower – and so you might miss attractions such as these if you don't pipe up and ask for advice!

Don't Forget a Cover-Up
Although Southern France is warmer than Northern France, it's still a little bit cooler than some travelers expect, especially if you travel through the spring or autumn. Taking a cover-up in Northern France – and yes, a coat – is also important even through the summer. It can get cool throughout the evenings and so you want to be able to wrap up warm.

Do Things A Little Differently
Instead of just traveling by car, think about doing things a little bit differently by jumping on public transport. The tram and train system in France is second to none and it's absolutely the easiest way to get around. The buses are also brilliant, too. The one thing you need to steer clear of is the taxicab system – although it's efficient, it is very, very expensive.

Traveling through France is a wonderful opportunity for anyone holidaying in Europe and following the tips above should ensure that you have a fantastic stay in this beautiful country.