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Los Angeles is a home to many famous attractions- we have heard about it several times. However, going through few travel magazine and websites before our trip to the place it appeared that you do not have to be bothered about what to do in Los Angeles. Amusement parks, art museums and galleries, architectural landmarks, shopping malls are all some of the attractions that you can discover in the place.

A great Los Angeles Video from the Bird's Eye.

Usually in Los Angeles, visitors spend a day in the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, at nearby Universal City. Another craze among the tourists is to photograph the famous Hollywood sign. For that you have to take uphill from Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. You can view the famous sign when halfway up the street. Another known attraction of LA is Disneyland. You can reach there almost driving 45 minutes south.

While I have heard of these places most of the time, in my LA trip I want to view some different spots that normally tourists do not plan to visit. One such is the Huntington Library. It is a vault for some famous arts and many important documents. You will find a copy of The Canterbury Tales, two quartos of Hamlet and the Gutenberg Bible. However, these arts and documents were not my interest and an honest confession I did not go inside. What intrigued me is the library’s 120 acres botanical garden. The Japanese garden, lily pond, dessert, Chinese garden, jungle and a sub-tropical garden made me crazy.

Malibu Beach was another spot in my travel itinerary. I visited the Zuma in Malibu to witness the picturesque association of hills and the sea. I liked the food of the beach. You simply can dig into the grilled fish placed on a tray on the picnic tables. Another remarkable place is the close by Malibu Family Wines vineyard. When we are talking of food, the sushi in the valley needs a special mention. If you are not from Japan, the LA sushi's will impress you. There are several sushi joints in San Fernando Valley’s Ventura Boulevard. All of them present great food.

Most of the people wish to visit the Universal Studio while in L.A, But my idea was to take the tour of Warner Brother’s Studio instead. It was thrilling to experience what really happens in Hollywood. The tour gives an idea about the sound effects in movies, how sets are constructed and various props being used in movies. There were endless items in the props department and I was heartbroken to see some of the car models that I liked in the movies along with other props. However, always look around to catch a glimpse of your favorite star as the production is going on all the time. There are many other big studios in Los Angeles and you may try to visit the one near to where you are staying.

Are you ready to spot these not so hyped places in your LA trip? Los Angeles is a tourist friendly destination and you do not have to bother about food or accommodation. You may stay in Los Angeles Airport Hotel like me and roam around the city. LA houses different types of delicious cuisines. So, enjoy your stay in the attractive Los Angeles.