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It was a horrid idea to travel a long distance with our two kids. Kids will not sit patiently in the flights. Though some airlines provide handy games that can distract the kids for some moment, apart from air travels you need to be in the restaurants, other public transport or in queues during your travel. The greatest question before us, will the kids co-operate with us in every situation? This question has restrained us from traveling for few years.

Our friends told us about the different travel games that are quite helpful to keep the children quiet whenever you required. The games will make your travel more smooth and even do not frustrate the kids. Here are some interesting game ideas that can keep your children engaged and help them to put up with long hours of wait and also in quiet places.

Making stories

It is a fun game that in which your whole family can participate. Sometimes the long journeys are not only boring for kids; the adults also feel the same. The game is perfect in such situation. You may start with a storyline such as “Once upon a time in a jungle” and inspire the kids to think and complete the sentence. It increases the imaginative power of the kids.

Gaming with alphabets

This game can be played for hours and it is perfect when you have to wait for indefinite hours. You may select a category like animal and let the children alphabetically remember the name of the animals. Your participation in the game will encourage them a lot. There are some quiet places where the kids are not allowed to play around making loud noises. You have to try different games in such calm environments.

Passing words

You may whisper a word or a message in your child’s ear and asked him or her to pass it on to the other family member’s ear. Most of the time it is seem when word or message reach the last person of the group it is distorted. Here lies the real fun of the game.

Guessing letters

You may ask the kids to close their eyes and draw a letter on their palm. They have to guess the letter and tell it. If you find that your kids are guessing the letters too quickly, try it with words.

Ticking off what you see

If you have plans to visit a museum, this game can be very effective to keep the children engaged. However, you need some preparations beforehand. From the guidebook you can prepare a list of objects that supposedly can be found in the museum. Ask the kids to tick on the moment they discover the items mentioned in the list.

You can think of many such interesting game ideas that will keep the children entertained throughout the journey. The games can be more exciting for the kids if they are gifted with something on success. If the travel games for children are very easy, they will lose interest soon. Therefore, modulate the games as per your kids’ interest and intelligence level.