5 Tips for Travelling in France

France is one of the most diverse countries in all of Europe, from the stunning valleys in Dordogne, to the cool, calm peaks in the Alps, the cultural melting pot of Paris to the rugged Brittany coastline. Each and every French region has different architecture, different restaurants and a completely different landscape – you wouldn't be able to fit everything in in a whole year of visits. Learn more about traveling in France with these tips.

Try to Speak French5
Even if the waiters correct your pronunciation or answer your question in English, trying your hand at the language and making the effort to speak even a little bit of French will really open doors for you throughout your stay. Don't think that just because the French respond in English that you should just speak in English from the off – instead, make the effort and you'll see that it'll be massively appreciated.

Try Something New
France is the country of fabulous food, fabulous drink, fabulous walks, culture and countryside. Make the most of it by trying something new everyday. Never eaten steak tartar before? You're in France, so you might as well give it a go. If you've never done much walking, now is definitely the time to start. And if you've never gone on a river cruise? France is definitely the place to start – so take a look at these great river cruises in France for more inspiration.

Ask For Advice
Stuck for ideas on where to travel? Ask a local. They might have a favorite restaurant or wine bar to recommend, or they might know about an attraction or walk that you might not have heard of. Attractions like Les Gorges du Verdon, a stunning set of gorges that has widely been described as the European Grand Canyon, Jardin du Luxembourg, a lovely garden in the center of Paris and Carnac, France's answer to Stonehenge, are not as well known as some of the most common French attractions like the Eiffel Tower – and so you might miss attractions such as these if you don't pipe up and ask for advice!

Don't Forget a Cover-Up
Although Southern France is warmer than Northern France, it's still a little bit cooler than some travelers expect, especially if you travel through the spring or autumn. Taking a cover-up in Northern France – and yes, a coat – is also important even through the summer. It can get cool throughout the evenings and so you want to be able to wrap up warm.

Do Things A Little Differently
Instead of just traveling by car, think about doing things a little bit differently by jumping on public transport. The tram and train system in France is second to none and it's absolutely the easiest way to get around. The buses are also brilliant, too. The one thing you need to steer clear of is the taxicab system – although it's efficient, it is very, very expensive.

Traveling through France is a wonderful opportunity for anyone holidaying in Europe and following the tips above should ensure that you have a fantastic stay in this beautiful country.

Discover Magnificent Spain! Explore, Eat, Enjoy!!

Want to spend a fun-filled and exotic vacation? Then Spain is the destination for you. The country is known for its historical architecture, great food and alluring tourist spots. If money is not a problem, then one can find the best hotels to stay in and some quite good restaurants to dine in too. A number of thrilling and exciting activities are also organized. Travel in Spain will turn out to be a quite memorable one for you as you can watch some ancient museums and palaces and visit some famous hot spots.

Hotel Neri, La Casa Del Rector and Palacio Guendulain are a few examples of 4-star hotels in Spain where you can accommodate yourself. These hotels have special suites available for couples and rooms for families too. All rooms are fitted with LED TVs and one would not like to get out of the designer bathroom. Spa and Jacuzzi facilities are also available. Palacio Ca Sa Galesa is a 5-star hotel that is decorated with garden all round and a swimming pool for guests. It also provides bicycles to visitors free of cost.

Spain is not complete without gorging on the Spanish and continental dishes. If you really want to have some authentic Spanish food then Restaurante Momo is the best choice. It serves a three-course meal at quite reasonable rates and the ambience is cozy and homely. El Grillo Azul is a hit amongst the vegetarians since it serves some creative and delicious vegetarian dishes. Ingredients may include healthy food items like tofu, mushroom, green leafy vegetables, etc.

If you are seeking for some adventure, you can indulge in some local activities too like kite-surfing at Tarifa Max. All you have to know is how to swim. One can also go for a sail on a Panoramic Mallorca Boat trip which is a 4 hour trip and is very relaxing. You can enjoy the spell-bounding view of Menorca Island at Formentor Beach. Travel in and around Spain becomes much more amusing when you visit the well-known ancient palace in Seville, the architecture of which is based on Arabic style. One should also try visiting Ronda city that stands on the river Tajo and can only be accessed via a bridge.

London Traveling – A Peep into Past and Feel of Modern Life

londonThere are many cities in the world that are very popular either for their historical backgrounds or for their modern and prosperous lifestyle – but very few cities are on the surface of this earth, which enjoy the status of being historically glorious and affluent lifestyle in today’s modern technological world. London is one of those a few lucky cities of the word that enjoy the status of great historical heritage and modern affluent and prosperous lifestyle. It can easily be understood by having a London traveling at any time round the year long.

London traveling is the most desirable dream of everybody living in any nook and corner of this globe. There are hundreds of reasons for people to dream to have a London traveling; a few of them are the glorious historical landmarks, lush green natural landscapes, Thames river, wonderful museums, modern shopping malls, theatres, wonderful night lives and others.  London traveling can only be the useful if it is planned properly before setting of the tour. You need to have a detailed knowledge about the history of this great city of the United Kingdom, especially about the past history of this city as well as of this country of Western Europe.

buckingham palaceYou can peep into the glorious past and wonderful civilization of this city by visiting many wonderful landmarks and historical places. Among such types of historical places , Buckingham Palace, Sutton House and Tudor house are the living magnificence of bright past of this city. These houses depict the impeccable royalty of the people who were the ruler and elite class of this historical city. During the course of London travelling you would be able to come across hundreds of such types of historic houses that were built long ago; these buildings take you in the glorious past when the British empire was spread all over the globe from Australia to Europe. You have a look into the history during London traveling by visiting the famous museums like museum of London Docklands and the Museum of Madame Taussads. These museums are very popular and everybody who finds an opportunity to have London traveling visits these museums. The tower bridge is also one of the highlights of the historical structure, it is built on the historical river Thames. It is very imperative to enjoy the natural sceneries located on the banks of this river while somebody is having London traveling for any reasons.

Tens of modern and shopping centers, modern theatres, world class public transport system, wonderful range of world class hotels and restaurants, amazing royal service like limo cars, and many other modern plazas and offices depict the modern face of London and the affluence of the people of this city. London traveling can be made more memorable by traveling through the low price modern public transports like metro Double-Decker bus service and underground subway trains.

You can have a deep insight of the history as well as the affluent life of this modern world by having a wonderful London traveling. 

Rome Tours and Activities Options

ColosseumRome is one of the oldest city in the entire Europe, which has many faces belonging to history, culture, religion and polity. Rome is the capital city of Italy and it is also assumed as the center of European culture and produced many philosophers, thinkers and leaders in different domains of culture, religion and politics. The catholic religious city enclave called as Vatican City is also located in this city. This city is the most  striking and attractive hub for the tourist not from the Europe but from all over the world.

Castel Sant AngeloHundreds of thousands of tourists visit this historical city of Rome every year due to the fact that city houses many landmarks and attractions in it; among these landmarks a few very important ones are the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Pantheon, Castel Sant Angelo, Piazza Del Campidoglio, Piazza Del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and many others. Rome is a city with a combination of the building both the ancient ones and the modern ones. Rome is also one of the important trade and business activity hub in the region and in the entire European Union. There are many great parks and beautiful landscapes that always attract thousands of the people from all over the world.  As far as the tourism of Rome city is concerned it is the third most visited city in the Europe after London and Paris. Millions of people come to visit the historical places of this ancient city of the European civilization.

Another major attraction of this city is its food; the Italian food is very popular all over the world, therefore, many people can enjoy the taste many kinds of food in many restaurants located across the city of Rome. A big number of different kinds of museums are of the major attractions of this city of Rome; these museums house the ancient and historical items of the culture, polity and philosophy of this country. The biggest hub for research on archaeology is done in this city and thus, it holds its special status for archaeological research across the globe.

Along with the ancient footprints of culture and civilization, Rome is also one of the most developed and modern city in terms of amenities, facilities and infrastructures; these attributes of Rome city make it one of the centers of modern activities in modern arts, science, culture, business and education. Many modern auditorium and convention centers are the key highlights of modern attractions for the tourists who visit the city of Rome in Italy. Modern fashion is another major attraction of this city and many fashion related activities take place here in this city, which attracts thousands of people every year. Modern sports stadiums and other recreational activity areas have been the most popular for the people who visit this city of culture and civilization.

In the nutshell, the city of Rome is one of the most attractive place for every kind of tourist who is interested in history, culture, education, archeology, religion and modern lifestyle. This is the reason that millions of people turn around to this city every year. 

Venice - natural beauty and romance

veniceVenice, Italy is the ideal place for spending the healthy vacation in the area of Southern Europe in Italy peninsula. Venice is very popular for its historical buildings and beautiful natural landscape including lush green areas and green hilly areas located around the city. There are many canals and bridges that are used as the infrastructure of local traveling and tour; these canals and sub channels of these canals are used for traveling with boats, ferries and other small vessels of water transportation. Walking is another most popular mode of transportation because of the small town area of the city of Venice. The roads and foot pavements are very beautifully made of the stones and old pieces of bricks. These streets are the most exciting ways to travel to the popular landmarks and historical building located in this city of natural beauty and romance.

Gondolier in VeniceThere are many options to choose for carrying out different activities, which are popular for the touring people who visit Venice, Italy. Hiring boats or water buses can be the most popular experience of the people, who come to Venice for enjoying their vacations. Local boat companies have to offer different kinds of packages for the tourists based on the locations and the time durations; these packages are very professionally charted out and provide good help to the tourists visiting Venice, Italy. These packages are categorized according to the interests like grand canal boat tours, gondola ride and serenade with dinner package, Great canal water taxi ride, Murano Burano and Torcello Half day sightseeing tour and many others. Other than these water based travelling packages offered by the boating companies in the city, there are many other packages that include group guide, walking and using of public transportation for reaching certain landscapes in the vicinity of the Venice, Italy.

These tours mostly involve walking around the most beautiful sceneries of areas. A few examples of these packages are, veneto Hill Town small group trip for one day, walking tour with Sant Mark’s Basilica, Venice ghost walking tour and many others. These packages are also defined in terms of duration of the trip. It is very good idea to buy any one of the suitable packages to have a good tour of the city if somebody is very new to the city. If you are a group of a few people in Venice city, it is a good idea to walk around the city to have more independent insight into the historical places and beautiful landscapes.

Walking groups are also offered by different traveling and touring companies to the people who visit this city of Italy; these groups are guided by the well trained and experienced guides who operate regular trips to the area. They provide the information about the landmarks and the historical background of the landmarks for better understanding the places and buildings while traveling in a manageable group. They also offer you the regular meals during the course of traveling. Venice, Italy offers wonderful experience and attractions while traveling to this city for a memorable vacation.