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If you want to get a little bit creative with your travel photography and take the interesting shots that no one else is taking, here are some great ideas for photography trick shotst:

1. Get rid of tourists in your shot by setting up the camera on a tripod and taking a photo every 10 seconds. Then, open up all of the images in Photoshop and click File>Scripts and then Statistics. Choose median and select all of the images. Photoshop will find the different elements in all of the photos and will remove it, erasing all of the tourists from your image.

2. Take a burst of photos in quick succession instead of just one. You will be able to capture subtle variations in facial expressions or the way that clouds move across a landscape.

3. If you are in a large, featureless landscape such as a beach, a field or a desert – try experimenting with perspective photography. You can make it look like your travel partner is only 5 inches tall and they are standing in your hand, just by having them stand further away and lining up the shot correctly.

4. Attempt the tilt-shift miniature technique, which will make everything look like tiny replicas or dioramas. You can do this in editing after the fact, or use a perspective control lens – keeping the main subject in focus while the background becomes blurred.

5. Another trick is long exposure photography. Try setting up a tripod and taking a long exposure shot, capturing movement, rushing water, light trails or other ephemeral elements in a unique way.

6. Turn the camera on its side to create illusion photos – such as making it look like you are climbing a sheer rock face while you are really just lying on flat rock.

7. Also, try turning the camera at an interesting angle to add a different perspective on the image.

8. Use reflections, such as in water or glass, to add more interest to your photos. Play around with different angles and lighting.

9. If you have a camera flash that is detached from the camera itself, try bouncing it off a light coloured ceiling. This will soften the light and spread it out over a larger area.

10. Try arranging your own still life that reflects your location, such as tropical fruit on the balcony of your hotel. Let the items you choose tell a story.

11. To improve your sunset photos, add the silhouette of something characteristic of your location – such as a palm tree or the domes of a mosque.

12. While exploring a beautiful city with old fashioned architecture, try using a statue as the focus in the foreground of the image with the main building subject in the background. This makes for more dynamic architecture shots.

These are just a few fun ideas to try when you are taking photos during your travels. If you too would like to learn how to create these awesome pics (like this Banana Pic below, which was NOT made via Photoshop), i highly recommend Evan Sharboneau guide. All the pictures you see here were made by him, and his Step by Step Tutorial is definitely Worth Checking Out .