Wedding is a very big occasion and it requires a lot of planning which starts from shopping, booking wedding venue and also rooms for guests who will be traveling to attend the function. There are many resorts where you can book both wedding hall and rooms. Wedding hotel resorts rooms are spacious and they also offer special discounts to people who book rooms in bulk. Advance booking in any of the resort, depending on your budget will help you save money and time. Here are some tips to help you to book wedding hotel resorts room.

1. Firstly decide on how many rooms you need to book. Once you send wedding cards to your guests and relatives, they will reply you back with confirmation. This will help you calculate the number of guests who will be traveling just to attend the occasion. Then out of the list mark the people who will be coming from other town or city. These are the number of guests who will need room to stay. You can also make personal call to them and ask for confirmation.

2. You can book rooms, if available in the wedding site itself so that the guests do not have to travel up and down. If the wedding site does not have any room then make some research for wedding hotel resorts rooms nearby. Make sure that the resort is just at a distance of 10 miles. If it is far away then you will again have to book car or other mode of transport to carry guests to the wedding site.

3. Collect the rates of all the wedding hotel resort rooms and book in the one that is within your budget. Internet is the easy way of getting quotes from different wedding resorts.

4. Book rooms in block, depending on the number of guests attending the celebration. Most of the resorts provide discounted rates when rooms are booked in block.

5. Before booking check if block booking has any hidden charges. Mostly when the rooms are booked through internet, resorts charge a percentage as fees for using credit cards. They might also ask you to sign a contract, which means you need to pay for all the rooms that you have booked, even if unused. Some of them have pencil booking option. Here you can pencil book some rooms and pay advance and before a week or so you need to confirm the number of rooms that you need and leave the other which are not needed.

6. During the wedding season you will find most of the wedding resorts booked. Make sure to book wedding rooms at least six months in advance. You can also pay a percentage of money so that your booking is confirmed.

7. If you are paying the room rent then its fine but if you want your guests to pay then make sure to inform them well ahead of time.