Top Hotel Rate Comparison Sites 2018

Get the Best Hotel Rates for your Upcoming Vacation in 2018

View from Hotel Vapore, Lake Como, Italy.

As the winter comes to an end and spring arrives everyone starts browsing through the web in search of some best travel destination where they can relax and spend some memorable time. It can be a ski trip or a gateway to enjoy and replenish the vitamin D level to cope up with the hectic days ahead.

There are a lot of hotel search sites online these days where you can find great deals and save a lot of money. The search is very simple and all you need to do is decide on your destination and make a search with the name. The result will show you a set of hotels in and around the area that are currently under promotion and offering deals. Once the result is on your hand the next step is to make a list with the rates that they are offering. Compare the offer price with the real rate and then check the amount of saving you will be making.

So How Do I Search For Hotels ?

Usually the site search engine crawls through a huge number of database and shows all the hotels available in the area. You can use the filter option to narrow and refine search. This will save time and help you decide the best in less time. When using filter you can define you requirement. For example if you are planning a honeymoon trip then search for honeymoon rates. You can also avail senior room rates or deals if accompanied by old person or planning a holiday for your parents.

The online hotel rate comparison sites also have tags which will help you find the best deal. This tagging function saves time because all you need to do is click on the specific tag, depending on your plan and you will get search specific result.

One Of The Best Sites To Start With

HotelsCombined is one of the renowned hotel meta-search engines. It was founded in the year 2005 and its headquarters is in Sydney. The website was designed to help users access and get the best rates. The result available through search is from all the top travel sites. The website has deals with many travel sites and chain of hotels and with just one click you can search and compare different hotel rates and select one perfect to make you trip comfortable and memorable. The site is available in 39 different language spread over more than 220 countries.

There are also many other websites which you can bookmark and use when searching for best hotels online.

How to find hotel deals online at a great price in 2018 ?

Finding a great hotel deal online can easily spell out the difference between a wonderful vacation and the average one. If you are able to find hotel deals online in your budget then you will definitely enjoy your stay in abroad. For this purpose, you have to make ample of research before travelling both online and offline. Sometimes, research ends up with disappointing hotel rooms. Websites like “travelguru” and “tripadvisor” can helps you a lot to find hotel deals. Don’t forget to check the authentic hotel reviews and rating. Once you are finalized with particular hotel then check the main website of hotel for full details. Further, we will discuss some important facts to find hotel deals at a great price.

  • First of all, make some healthy research about the destination. Now figure out beautiful places that you wanted to visit there. Travel sites are excellent place to start your online search. Also check the restaurants and shops nearby or the places you can visit in the dark.
  • Now try to find hotel near to beautiful places that you have figured out already. You may be more flexible if you can walk or you can take public transport to visit different destinations. You can also hire full day taxi for this purpose. The hotel closest to beautiful places will be expensive but you don’t have to spend much over transportation. Suppose, you are staying in Paris then you cannot waste two hours daily on travel. The best option is to find some hotel at central point in Paris.
  • Travel websites will help you to find hotel according to location. There you can customize your search according to different categories like budget, location, reviews etc. The travel website will display complete list of perfect hotels according to your requirement. Now you can easily compare the hotels according to price, location and their services. Try to book the best hotel at perfect location only.
  • Also make one fact clear in your mind that hotel rating is based on different criterion in different countries. However, rating does not reflect always how nice a hotel is. Check the services and facilities provided by any particular hotel. For example, a businessman cannot survive in a hotel without internet facility. It does not matter either a hotel is two star or three star, but services given by any hotel should be perfect. You can also confirm about the hotel facilities through email or phone. Don’t assume that hotel must have all these facilities in advance. Usually, multilingual staff is appointed at big hotels so that you can communicate properly. In few hotels, breakfast facility is given complementary to make you happy.
  • Another best strategy is to make hotel booking in advance. For last minute booking, you have to pay extra definitely. With a good research, you may definitely find hotel deals at great prices.

Cheap Disney World Hotel That Works for Everyone!

Are you thinking of spending some great time with your kids? Vacation in Disney World can be quite fun with your children. When you sit and start planning your holiday you might find the expenses exceeding your budget. You might find the total expenses on accommodation, travel, and meals quite exorbitant. You can surely save some money by selecting cheap Disney world hotels.

Firstly decide on the area you would like to stay and then the price that you think will fit in your budget. Normally the hotels closer to Disney world charge high rates, so if the rate is crossing your budget you can look for accommodation a little far, but in central location so that it’s easily accessible.

The hotels close to Disney world are usually expensive but the guests enjoy certain amenities which makes family vacation fulfilled. Many budget package and discounts are offered by the hotels which will reduce your trip cost. Here are few tips to make your trip memorable and budget friendly.

1. There are a variety of activities that you can do starting from roller coaster to safari ride on your holiday to Disney land. Your family may not be interested in all the activities available. Take some time to sit and decide on the things that your family members and kids will enjoy, depending on the age and then select a package that suits your families taste. This will help you save money.

2. The rates of hotel are different throughout the year. During the peak season the rates are high when compared to non-peak season. Browse through the cyber world and check out the rates. If you are planning your trip during off season then surely you will find a cheap Disney world hotel with all the amenities. Flight charges are also low during the non-peak season. So, visit to the destination during off season will surely save you a lot of money.

3. The hotel rates are high during the weekends because most of the people try to utilize weekends to enjoy with family. You can check the rates on weekdays and plan your trip accordingly.

4. You can also make a search for some online deals offered by different hotels. You might come across many attractive deals but before you select one, read the offer documents and also check where the hotel is located. If the hotel is too far from the place then obviously you will be spending a lot of money on traveling.

5. Disney website is also one place where you can search and know the availability of room. You can filter your search for cheaper options and select one perfect for your family.

Weddings Hotel Resorts Rooms Are Gaining Huge Popularity

Wedding is a very big occasion and it requires a lot of planning which starts from shopping, booking wedding venue and also rooms for guests who will be traveling to attend the function. There are many resorts where you can book both wedding hall and rooms. Wedding hotel resorts rooms are spacious and they also offer special discounts to people who book rooms in bulk. Advance booking in any of the resort, depending on your budget will help you save money and time. Here are some tips to help you to book wedding hotel resorts room.

1. Firstly decide on how many rooms you need to book. Once you send wedding cards to your guests and relatives, they will reply you back with confirmation. This will help you calculate the number of guests who will be traveling just to attend the occasion. Then out of the list mark the people who will be coming from other town or city. These are the number of guests who will need room to stay. You can also make personal call to them and ask for confirmation.

2. You can book rooms, if available in the wedding site itself so that the guests do not have to travel up and down. If the wedding site does not have any room then make some research for wedding hotel resorts rooms nearby. Make sure that the resort is just at a distance of 10 miles. If it is far away then you will again have to book car or other mode of transport to carry guests to the wedding site.

3. Collect the rates of all the wedding hotel resort rooms and book in the one that is within your budget. Internet is the easy way of getting quotes from different wedding resorts.

4. Book rooms in block, depending on the number of guests attending the celebration. Most of the resorts provide discounted rates when rooms are booked in block.

5. Before booking check if block booking has any hidden charges. Mostly when the rooms are booked through internet, resorts charge a percentage as fees for using credit cards. They might also ask you to sign a contract, which means you need to pay for all the rooms that you have booked, even if unused. Some of them have pencil booking option. Here you can pencil book some rooms and pay advance and before a week or so you need to confirm the number of rooms that you need and leave the other which are not needed.

6. During the wedding season you will find most of the wedding resorts booked. Make sure to book wedding rooms at least six months in advance. You can also pay a percentage of money so that your booking is confirmed.

7. If you are paying the room rent then its fine but if you want your guests to pay then make sure to inform them well ahead of time.

Best Hotel Deals In Las Vegas You Should Check Out

Las Vegas is a beautiful place where you can spend some relaxed time exploring the beauty of the city on your vacation. There are many hotels in Las Vegas, so you will not have any problem in getting rooms but the variety might just confuse you. The best way is to do some research and see what kind of hotel exactly fits in your budget and taste.

You can browse through the web and know about the rates both during off and on season. Though there is no off season in Las Vegas but the city sees a rise in the number of tourists during vacation, New Year and Christmas. The rates of the hotel rooms are also high during this period when compared to the time when there is no holiday. The hotels provide good deals to their guests during that time. Here are some tips which will help you find the best hotel deals in Las Vegas:

1. First decide on the date you would like to visit. If you are planning a weekend trip then try to reach the place on a Thursday or Friday in order to save money. Then decide on the type of hotel you want, cheap, luxury, or moderate.

2. Browse through the website and see what kinds of deals are available. Some of the hotels provide discount on room rates. You might also come across package deals where in you can save money both on room rent and transportation like airfare. There are also all inclusive hotels in Las Vegas. The rates of these all inclusive hotels may seem to be on the higher side but when you sit and calculate the amount that you will be spending on food and the other amenities they provide will exactly help you know the saving percentage.

3. Summer is off season in Vegas and this is the time when the hotel rates are pretty low. You can avail this benefit while planning your holiday.

4. You can purchase gift certificate and use them to save on hotel rooms.

5. You can sign up through and opt for some promos where you can save money. The homepage of the site has some popular codes and promos but you can put specific date and customize your search result.

6. Most of the hotels in Las Vegas have their own website. You can visit some of the hotels own website for best hotel deals in Las Vegas.

7. You can also sign up with some websites for travel updates. Along with regular updates these websites send travel deals with huge discounts to make your holiday special and economical.

8. is another website where you can sign up and look for some very good hotel deals.

9. Patience is the key of getting good deals. Make sure to do extensive search and also ask some of your friends for suggestions, if they have visited Las Vegas earlier.