Palm trees, beach, sand and sun are part of Australia's beautiful islands but there is more to it than this. Lord Howe Island in New South Wales is a place of natural beauty. Its peaceful, isolated and beautiful. The first thing you will notice on reaching there is group of cows.

Nearly 700 Km northeast of Sydney lays Lord Howe Island. Mt. Gower is spectacular part of this Island. It lies on the southern end of the island. One of its features is that it has flattop. You can enjoy thrill and adventure by climbing Mt. Gower. One-way flights from Sydney are available from $319 onwards but you have to book your accommodation in advance as Island has capacity of only about 400 people.

Since there is no camping in the region, you can stay at lodges, cottages, guesthouse and apartments. Wild, windy, remote and beautiful, that is how you can describe Bruny Island.

Long isthmus called the neck connects two islands, which are collectively called Bruny Island. South Bruny Island’s lighthouse is worth visiting.

You can take a trip to Jetty beach or visit South Bruny national park. You can experience dramatic sea cliffs from sea level by cruising. Bruny Island offers sights of fur seals in their natural environment.