newyork articleNew York is one of the largest city in the USA in terms of population. The population, culture, economics, tourism, trade and the lifestyle of this city is very diverse and cosmopolitan. This city houses many historical and modern landmarks and attractions for the visitors who come to New York for touring activities. The statue of liberty, Brooklyn bridge, time square, empire state building, Manhattan, and different museums are some of the most prominent landmarks, which are the key highlights of New York tours and activities.

This city is one of most diverse and cosmopolitan society in the USA and thus offers a colorful culture everywhere in the streets of this wonderful city. There is a sizeable number of almost every community of the world and thus, you can enjoy the diverse culture while enjoying different kinds of foods and drinks across the New York City. The major foods of this city include Continental, Italian, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese and others. There are many great places to dine and enjoy the parties across the city, which makes your New York tour more memorable and amazing one. The nightlife of this city is above par and wide range of night clubs, bars and dance clubs are available to make your experience of life impeccable.

As far as the landmarks are concerned, Statue of liberty, Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Madame Taussads Museum, Grand empireCentral Station, American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Arts, Central Park, and UNO building are some of the most prominent places to visit and have a historical insight of the past of the City as well as the New York State. The New York tour can be made memorable and more comfortable by using different kinds of travelling and touring services that are available throughout the city. These services include the double Decker buses for city tour and other sightseeing activities. These buses are operated under the experienced travelers who have already charted out the suitable routes to make your trip more entertaining and enjoyable.

There is a helicopter-service for taking a tour of the entire city in just 15 minutes.

brooklynThis service is more suitable for those people who are in a rush and want to have a panoramic view of this great city of the USA. You can enjoy an amazing experience of your life being at the time square where you would find the real life of the New Yorker peoples. Meanwhile, visiting the museums take you to tour of the history of the United States and its historical culture; Intrepid Sea Air Space Museum will introduce you the scientific history of the air space of the United States. Another exciting attraction of New York tour and activities is the New York Skyride – this is a virtual trip to the entire city in four dimension technology simulator. It can be enjoyed at the second floor of Empire State building in Manhattan.

New York city is full of touring attractions and activities; proper planning of the New York city tour can leave ecstatic impression on your life.