When travelling abroad one of the greatest pleasures is to taste the local cuisine as part of culturally immersing yourself in the country. Brits are stereotypically wary of foreign foods, but this stereotype is largely unfounded, with most happy to try national dishes and delicacies when travelling overseas. Turkey is a land of rich flavours and exciting textures, and the city of Bodrum is a fab place to explore some of these, with many restaurants and fresh food markets to help you on your culinary adventure. Take all your senses on holiday on your next break with Bodrum Holidays.

Start the day right with a traditional Turkish breakfast. You can enjoy this platter of cheese, olives, tomatoes and other seasonal goods in most cafes and bistros in Turkey. A very communal affair, all members of your group shares the food around the table with bread and preserves accompanying the local delicacies.

In England Kebabs are synonymous with nights out and takeaways. Real Turkish kebabs however are much more refined than this and form a staple part of the local’s diet. The favourite here is a chicken kebab served in pita with fresh salad. These are good for a quick lunch on the go and there are many kebab stands in Bodrum from which to rediscover the donner.

Meze is a typical Turkish supper, and you usually have a cold meze consisting of cheese, breads, olives and hummus, followed by hot meze of meats and other small dishes. The weather is almost always hot in Turkey and eating a huge amount at any one sitting is less than appealing, so this way of grazing through dinner is ideal.

Delicious and usually very healthy, Turkish food is a wonderful part of travelling to the country. Take in the sights, sounds and tastes of the country on a truly foodie adventure in the city of Bodrum.