If you are dreaming of traveling the world, here are 15 travel tips that you can keep in mind which will help make your travels easier, cheaper and more enjoyable:

1. Pack As Lightly as Possible

Dragging around a huge suitcase is a real pain and it will make your trip a lot more difficult. Also, with the excess baggage fees charged by airlines it can be costly as well.

2. Roll Your Clothes Rather Than Folding Them

They will take up less space and they will not have creases in them when you unpack.

3. Download a Currency Converter App for Your Phone

It is a quick and easy way to figure out exactly what you are spending – and whether or not you have found a great deal or a rip off.

4. Pack a Dryer Sheet Into Your Luggage

It helps to keep your clothes smelling fresh for your entire trip. Also, bring along a plastic bag to seal your dirty clothes in so that they don’t make the rest of your clothes smelly.

5. When you are going through the Security Checks at the Airport, Turn Left

Studies have shown that because the majority of people are right handed, they are more likely to go to the lines on the right. This means that if you go left instead, you have a better chance of avoiding the long lines.

6. Tie Up the Straps on Your Backpack Before You Check Your Luggage

Those loose straps can get caught in the machinery, causing your backpack to become damaged.

7. Bring Sunscreen, Shampoo and other Toiletries in Single-Use Packets

They take up much less room in your luggage and weigh less than a full bottle.

8. Don’t Wear Your Backpack on Your Front

You might think that it is safer, but it just makes you look like a nervous tourist and more of a target. Instead, keep your wallet in a zippered front pocket and be aware of your surroundings.

9. Google “Common scams in (Your Destination Country)” Before You Travel

Knowledge is your greatest weapon and being aware of common scams means you can spot when something seems fishy, before you get taken advantage of.

10. If You Are Still a Student, Bring Your Student ID Card With You

You can get discounted entry to many museums and attractions all over the world, so it will save you money!

11. Never Have Only One Source of Money

If you have only one debit card, or just cash, you will be out of luck if that source of money is lost or stolen. Have at least a bank card and a credit card and carry them in separate locations.

12. If You Have a Smart Phone, Buy a Local Sim Card and Top Up With Pay as You Go

They are often very affordable and it means you can easily call hotels and tour providers and use Google Maps on your phone when you are lost.

13. Learn At Least a Few Words in the Local Language

“Hello”, “Please” and “Thank You” really go a long way and the locals will love it that you are attempting to speak their language – even if they speak English.

14. Consider Taking an Overnight Bus or Train between Destinations

You will not only save the cost of a night of accommodation, you will also not waste a full day of travel just sitting on a bus.

15. Last but Not Least – Keep an Open Mind!

Be prepared for things to be different than you are used to and be open to trying new foods, activities and experiences. After all, that’s what travel is all about!

These are 15 great travel tips that you can remember when you head out on your around the world adventures!