Australia Travel Blogs You'll Want to Read

Through blogging one can share their personal experience not only with family and friends but also with people around the world. You can also make new friends through blogging. Mostly people who have a passion of traveling to new places love to share their experience with others and thus these travel blogs are usually very informative. Bloggers add pictures of the place to make it more interactive and attractive.

Most of the Australia travel bloggers are local Australian or foreigners living there, thus they are able to share everything about the place. They are very frequent and you can collect recent updates from their blogs. If you are looking for some fulfilled moments in Australia then here are some tips on how Australia travel blogs can help you in holiday planning.

1. You must check all the information provided in the blogs along with the photographs. Most of the bloggers share all the details, starting from the website from where they booked the hotel room, the name of the guide who helped them explore the place, food they enjoyed and also things they did not like. They post a lot of pictures taken during the travel which cannot fit into a magazine or newspaper. These bloggers don’t have editors or proofreaders thus their images and information are original and can make your trip special.

2. You can get unbiased opinion about the place from the travel blogs. Most of the bloggers work for themselves because they wish to share their experience with others. You can trust and plan your trip based on these travel blogs but make sure to cross check the timing of ferry, train or any other transport mentioned.

3. Most of the bloggers love to hear from their readers. They may not be polished but they are very passionate about their work. If you have questions in your mind, after reading the blog then you can write your comment for specific information and probably you will get your answers. You can also seek specific information from them especially on hotel, cruise, eateries etc.

4. You can browse through various websites and collect information about the activities that you can do in Australia and then confirm if they are correct by reading different Australia travel blogs.

Some of the bloggers who live in Australia and write exclusively about the place are: A Taste of Travel, Aussie on the Road, Don’t Ever Look Back, Clarence Valley Today, Emerald City to Oz, Fat Mum Slim, Bubs on the Move, Bitten by the Travel Bug, Going Anyway, Hiking in Heels etc.

Bangkok, Thailand: Filled with Remarkable Wonders

Bangkok is flocked by tourists from every corner of the world and as a tourist destination it is as famous as London or Paris. You will not take long to realize the reason behind such popularity once you land in Bangkok. This city is packed with extremes. The gleaming temples, luxury malls, sea market or the exotic night life never stop to amaze you.

There are so many places to see in Bangkok Thailand, that it is hard to decide from where you will begin. If you have interest to explore the history of the land, it is best to commence your Bangkok journey with a visit to the famous ruins of Ayuthaya. It was once the political and commerce capital of the Thailand for nearly 400 years. The ruined state still bears the testimony of the glory and prosperity. The architectural remains reflect the influence of French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Persian culture. Usually the visitors take a cruise tour to Ayuthaya. You may check the Summer palace along the way.

Your tour to Bangkok will remain incomplete without a visit to the spectacular and dazzling Grand Palace. The architectural brilliance and the intricate craftsmanship leave the tourists completely astonished. Within the palace area there are several other impressive buildings. Even the famous temple of Emerald Buddha is inside the Grand Palace. The Buddha image is cut out from a single Jade stone and undoubtedly a wonder of the world. However, tourists are not allowed in front of the emerald Buddha shrine. Only the king is allowed to go before the image and change the cloak in each season. Changing robes is a very important ritual that occurs during three times in year- summer, winter and rainy and is supposed to bring good fortune to the country.

Another famous Buddhist temple in town is the Wat Traimit. You will spot the most amazing 3 meter tall golden Buddha in this temple located at the end of Chinatown. It is the world’s largest seated gold Buddha. Wat Pho is another remarkable landmark in Bangkok where you will be able to see the giant reclining Buddha. The temple is behind the Emerald Buddha temple. The place Wat Pho is also famous for Thai massage. It is considered as the leading massage school in Thailand.

There are countless floating markets throughout Thailand. I visited the Damnoen Saduak in south west Bangkok. I have seen such a floating market for the first time and was surprised by the sight. Merchants clad in colorful dresses sail through the congested canals with canoes laden with fresh vegetables and fruits. I went out early in the morning and this is the best time to experience the buzzing market.

There are many other exotic spots in Bangkok. It will be hard to finish all of them in a single visit. Numerous temples, markets and malls adorn the city. Whether so renowned or not, each of them wait with a surprise for the tourists. Staying in Bangkok will not be a problem. It will not be of much problem to manage Bangkok cheap hotel if you reserve much prior to the travel date.

The beauty of Interlaken and the best time to visit it

Imagine high mountains, blue sky and shimmering lakes. When you visualize heaven - you're actually thinking of a place that does exist on this planet; this heaven on earth is called Interlaken.

Interlaken is a village that is located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.
This piece of magical beauty is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Switzerland. Words can't fully describe the charm that Interlaken has. Interlaken is one of those places that you have to visit in order to understand all the enthusiasm for it.

Interlaken isn't just a beauty, this natural wonder also offers a look on the life of the Swiss people during the last hundreds years.
You can observe the interesting architecture of the ancient huts that were built round the lakes. The years of their construction is displayed next to their roofs.
Besides that, there is an old church near the lake that looks fascinating.

There are many attractions in Interlaken, one of them is renting a pedal boat. The panoramic view of Interlaken is spectacular.
You can also go on a trek up the brilliant mountains that circuit the village.
Going out for a walk is also a very pleasurable way to spend your time in one of the most prettiest places ever.

Renting an apartment in Interlaken is the best way to enjoy this fantastic village, since the apartments in Interlaken are very comfortable and are cheaper than sleeping in the hotels of the village. Furthermore, Interlaken is the best place to relax in. There isn't a human being who can't feel calm after sitting next to a breathtaking view, deep lake and the sounds of the water.
Just like heaven is considered Inaccessible - Interlaken can be very expensive during the tourist months, but in September the prices go lower.

In conclusion, missing such a perfect place is terrible. If you haven't seen Interlaken than you don't know what beauty is!

Why Paris is so wonderful to visit

Paris is considered the most beautiful city in the planet. It's lights are known to be the brightest, it's people are the most stylish people in Europe and maybe in the all world. The food that they serve in Paris is famous for being the most tasty food in Europe besides Italy. Therefore, it's not a surprise that Paris is one of the most popular destinations.

In addition, Paris isn't just a beauty, it also offers an interesting view on Europe's history and culture. There are lots of historical buildings that you can see in the capital of fashion. One of them is of course the Eiffel tower which is the most known feature in Paris and is also the symbol of the city. The Louvre is one of the most famous museums and if you would like to watch the famous painting of Mona Lisa in front of your eyes - you will have to visit the Louvre which has been displaying the Mona Lisa since 1797 (The painting is actually very small!).

Furthermore, Paris is well-known for being an honeymoon destination since the city of lights is very romantic. The thing that makes Paris so comfortable for couples is probably the appearance of the city. As we have said before, Paris is a very pretty place, it's streets are wide, the buildings are historical and impressive but the main reason is that Paris has this magic that you can't really explain. Maybe it's like the magic that Jerusalem has. Many couples come to Paris in order to celebrate their marriage and enjoy the view, the food and the French language which many people enjoy to hear.

In conclusion, Paris is a great destination for couples, people who are interested in history and culture, stylish people and probably for every kind of travelers. So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Paris and enjoy your time in the place where people come to fall in love

A Taste of Turkey

When travelling abroad one of the greatest pleasures is to taste the local cuisine as part of culturally immersing yourself in the country. Brits are stereotypically wary of foreign foods, but this stereotype is largely unfounded, with most happy to try national dishes and delicacies when travelling overseas. Turkey is a land of rich flavours and exciting textures, and the city of Bodrum is a fab place to explore some of these, with many restaurants and fresh food markets to help you on your culinary adventure. Take all your senses on holiday on your next break with Bodrum Holidays.

Start the day right with a traditional Turkish breakfast. You can enjoy this platter of cheese, olives, tomatoes and other seasonal goods in most cafes and bistros in Turkey. A very communal affair, all members of your group shares the food around the table with bread and preserves accompanying the local delicacies.

In England Kebabs are synonymous with nights out and takeaways. Real Turkish kebabs however are much more refined than this and form a staple part of the local’s diet. The favourite here is a chicken kebab served in pita with fresh salad. These are good for a quick lunch on the go and there are many kebab stands in Bodrum from which to rediscover the donner.

Meze is a typical Turkish supper, and you usually have a cold meze consisting of cheese, breads, olives and hummus, followed by hot meze of meats and other small dishes. The weather is almost always hot in Turkey and eating a huge amount at any one sitting is less than appealing, so this way of grazing through dinner is ideal.

Delicious and usually very healthy, Turkish food is a wonderful part of travelling to the country. Take in the sights, sounds and tastes of the country on a truly foodie adventure in the city of Bodrum.