Family-friendly attractions that don’t involve Walt Disney World

Even though Walt Disney land is one of Florida’s biggest tourist destinations, the state and city holds more to offer than the enchantment of Disney. When you decide to go on a family vacation to Florida, you need to keep everyone amused while watching the pocket strings to make sure you all have a magical time but also that your money doesn’t disappear as if by magic. Luckily Florida is still as popular as ever, making accommodation and flights to Orlando cheap and regularly available through top airlines and travel agencies.

Here’s a quick guide to some of Orlando and Florida attractions that’ll keep the entire family entertained.

Universal Studios & City Walk

Check out Universal Studios where the rides practically put you in the movies. Don’t forget to get a snap of you and your family and friends in front of the famous Universal Studios logo sphere. An entire article could be written about what you can expect from the Universal Studios Theme Park, but since this is a quick guide, defiantly check out their site for more details. And also check out the huge Harry Potter experience called Wiz World.

The Orlando City Walk is great to wind-down. There are loads of clubs, bars, shops and street vendors to fill your glass and belly after a fun-filled day.


Fun and educational sometimes sound like they could never go together but here at Wonder Works, you get them both in droves. The building itself is EXTREME because it looks like it’s upside the entire building has been flipped on its head with even the street lamps and grass facing the wrong direction. Amongst their amazing exhibits, you can lay down on a bed of nails (safely and without getting hurt), see what a space shuttle looks like from the inside, simulate a hurricane and land a in a realistic flight simulator. WonderWorks Orlando is a wonderful choice for an entertaining and educational experience for the kids and the young at heart.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Make sure you’ve set aside a day for this visit because there are just so many weird and wonderful artefacts, objects, stories and exhibitions that you will be staring every which way just trying to take it all in. Again, I could spend a couple of articles highlighting the amount of things you could see here, but check their site for updates on their attractions.

The Central Florida Zoo

There are loads of animals to see at the Central Florida Zoo including monkeys, elephants, endangered reptiles, birds, black leopards (panthers) and so much more. The Zoo was formerly named the Sanford Zoo because it’s situated in Sanford which is not too far from Orlando. It’s worth the drive to witness some of the world’s most magnificent creatures.


This is always a favourite theme park for families and everyone who loves interacting with sea life. SeaWorld not only offers entertainment but they also focus on conservation. You can find signs and posters that tells you all about what you’re looking at and all about the different sea life housed at SeaWorld as well as how we can preserve their natural habitats, which is quite nice to teach the kids about respecting nature and protecting the animals on Earth. They have penguins, seals, manatees and sharks but the favourite is usually the dolphins. For around $5 you can go to a special part of the tank, feed the dolphins and pet them when they come close.

After all the education and petting, you can go on SeaWorld’s awesome rides. The Manta is made to look like a manta ray and is a heck of a rollercoaster, twisting and turning at such a speed that will thrill your socks off. The Kraken literally turns you upside down for the ride, so get the front seat if you’ll thank me later. The Journey to Atlantis will take you through the story of Atlantis while plummeting you through the water. It’s perfect for those hot Florida summer days.