ColosseumRome is one of the oldest city in the entire Europe, which has many faces belonging to history, culture, religion and polity. Rome is the capital city of Italy and it is also assumed as the center of European culture and produced many philosophers, thinkers and leaders in different domains of culture, religion and politics. The catholic religious city enclave called as Vatican City is also located in this city. This city is the most  striking and attractive hub for the tourist not from the Europe but from all over the world.

Castel Sant AngeloHundreds of thousands of tourists visit this historical city of Rome every year due to the fact that city houses many landmarks and attractions in it; among these landmarks a few very important ones are the Colosseum, Arch of Constantine, Pantheon, Castel Sant Angelo, Piazza Del Campidoglio, Piazza Del Popolo, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and many others. Rome is a city with a combination of the building both the ancient ones and the modern ones. Rome is also one of the important trade and business activity hub in the region and in the entire European Union. There are many great parks and beautiful landscapes that always attract thousands of the people from all over the world.  As far as the tourism of Rome city is concerned it is the third most visited city in the Europe after London and Paris. Millions of people come to visit the historical places of this ancient city of the European civilization.

Another major attraction of this city is its food; the Italian food is very popular all over the world, therefore, many people can enjoy the taste many kinds of food in many restaurants located across the city of Rome. A big number of different kinds of museums are of the major attractions of this city of Rome; these museums house the ancient and historical items of the culture, polity and philosophy of this country. The biggest hub for research on archaeology is done in this city and thus, it holds its special status for archaeological research across the globe.

Along with the ancient footprints of culture and civilization, Rome is also one of the most developed and modern city in terms of amenities, facilities and infrastructures; these attributes of Rome city make it one of the centers of modern activities in modern arts, science, culture, business and education. Many modern auditorium and convention centers are the key highlights of modern attractions for the tourists who visit the city of Rome in Italy. Modern fashion is another major attraction of this city and many fashion related activities take place here in this city, which attracts thousands of people every year. Modern sports stadiums and other recreational activity areas have been the most popular for the people who visit this city of culture and civilization.

In the nutshell, the city of Rome is one of the most attractive place for every kind of tourist who is interested in history, culture, education, archeology, religion and modern lifestyle. This is the reason that millions of people turn around to this city every year.