Travel Games to Keep Your Children Busy During Long Journeys

It was a horrid idea to travel a long distance with our two kids. Kids will not sit patiently in the flights. Though some airlines provide handy games that can distract the kids for some moment, apart from air travels you need to be in the restaurants, other public transport or in queues during your travel. The greatest question before us, will the kids co-operate with us in every situation? This question has restrained us from traveling for few years.

Our friends told us about the different travel games that are quite helpful to keep the children quiet whenever you required. The games will make your travel more smooth and even do not frustrate the kids. Here are some interesting game ideas that can keep your children engaged and help them to put up with long hours of wait and also in quiet places.

Making stories

It is a fun game that in which your whole family can participate. Sometimes the long journeys are not only boring for kids; the adults also feel the same. The game is perfect in such situation. You may start with a storyline such as “Once upon a time in a jungle” and inspire the kids to think and complete the sentence. It increases the imaginative power of the kids.

Gaming with alphabets

This game can be played for hours and it is perfect when you have to wait for indefinite hours. You may select a category like animal and let the children alphabetically remember the name of the animals. Your participation in the game will encourage them a lot. There are some quiet places where the kids are not allowed to play around making loud noises. You have to try different games in such calm environments.

Passing words

You may whisper a word or a message in your child’s ear and asked him or her to pass it on to the other family member’s ear. Most of the time it is seem when word or message reach the last person of the group it is distorted. Here lies the real fun of the game.

Guessing letters

You may ask the kids to close their eyes and draw a letter on their palm. They have to guess the letter and tell it. If you find that your kids are guessing the letters too quickly, try it with words.

Ticking off what you see

If you have plans to visit a museum, this game can be very effective to keep the children engaged. However, you need some preparations beforehand. From the guidebook you can prepare a list of objects that supposedly can be found in the museum. Ask the kids to tick on the moment they discover the items mentioned in the list.

You can think of many such interesting game ideas that will keep the children entertained throughout the journey. The games can be more exciting for the kids if they are gifted with something on success. If the travel games for children are very easy, they will lose interest soon. Therefore, modulate the games as per your kids’ interest and intelligence level.

Spotting Some Unique Places in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a home to many famous attractions- we have heard about it several times. However, going through few travel magazine and websites before our trip to the place it appeared that you do not have to be bothered about what to do in Los Angeles. Amusement parks, art museums and galleries, architectural landmarks, shopping malls are all some of the attractions that you can discover in the place.

A great Los Angeles Video from the Bird's Eye.

Usually in Los Angeles, visitors spend a day in the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park, at nearby Universal City. Another craze among the tourists is to photograph the famous Hollywood sign. For that you have to take uphill from Franklin Avenue in Hollywood. You can view the famous sign when halfway up the street. Another known attraction of LA is Disneyland. You can reach there almost driving 45 minutes south.

While I have heard of these places most of the time, in my LA trip I want to view some different spots that normally tourists do not plan to visit. One such is the Huntington Library. It is a vault for some famous arts and many important documents. You will find a copy of The Canterbury Tales, two quartos of Hamlet and the Gutenberg Bible. However, these arts and documents were not my interest and an honest confession I did not go inside. What intrigued me is the library’s 120 acres botanical garden. The Japanese garden, lily pond, dessert, Chinese garden, jungle and a sub-tropical garden made me crazy.

Malibu Beach was another spot in my travel itinerary. I visited the Zuma in Malibu to witness the picturesque association of hills and the sea. I liked the food of the beach. You simply can dig into the grilled fish placed on a tray on the picnic tables. Another remarkable place is the close by Malibu Family Wines vineyard. When we are talking of food, the sushi in the valley needs a special mention. If you are not from Japan, the LA sushi's will impress you. There are several sushi joints in San Fernando Valley’s Ventura Boulevard. All of them present great food.

Most of the people wish to visit the Universal Studio while in L.A, But my idea was to take the tour of Warner Brother’s Studio instead. It was thrilling to experience what really happens in Hollywood. The tour gives an idea about the sound effects in movies, how sets are constructed and various props being used in movies. There were endless items in the props department and I was heartbroken to see some of the car models that I liked in the movies along with other props. However, always look around to catch a glimpse of your favorite star as the production is going on all the time. There are many other big studios in Los Angeles and you may try to visit the one near to where you are staying.

Are you ready to spot these not so hyped places in your LA trip? Los Angeles is a tourist friendly destination and you do not have to bother about food or accommodation. You may stay in Los Angeles Airport Hotel like me and roam around the city. LA houses different types of delicious cuisines. So, enjoy your stay in the attractive Los Angeles.

8 Fun Things to Do on Your Vacation in Paris

No one can deny that Paris is a city with two faces: glamorous and sultry and at the same time an enchanting metropolis. The City of Light is home to a lot of alluring sights that staying in one of the stylish accommodations in Paris, even for a night, is a must. With the overwhelming volume of attractions getting your fill of popular spots as well as the hidden treasures of the city can be difficult, but here’s a cheat sheet to help you tap majority of what this fashionable city has to offer.

1. Get a Museum Pass in advance. Paris is home to a lot of museums, the Louvre being one of the most popular. With so many great monuments and museums, getting a pass is a genius idea especially for those who wish to hit at least 2 museums in a day since the pass can be used in more than 50 museums.

2. Locate smaller museums in the city. Although huge museums flank the city, some of the best ones are smaller and you won’t have to pay for anything to be admitted. While planning your rip, be sure to look up smaller museums so you cover it in your itinerary.

3. Get the best Parisian view from the Notre Dame. Anyone who has watched the Hunchback of Notre Dame would be familiar with the bell tower where Quasimodo rang the bells. And, who can forget those naughty gargoyles? Climbing the 250 steps to the tower is worth it since most historians and experts agree that the best place to view the city is from up here where you will get a good look at the older parts of the city.

4. Book your ticket to Eiffel Tower online. With so many places to see, it is such a waste of time to wait in line to go up one of the most famous landmarks in the city, the Eiffel Tower. Before you leave home, be sure to buy your ticket in advance so you can skip the line and go up this majestic structure immediately.

5. Go on a Seine River cruise. Watching all of the famous landmarks in the city while gliding along the river is way different and definitely more romantic. A gourmet dinner while on the cruise will be a perfect way to enjoy the cuisine and get an awesome view of the place and it will surely make you realize why Paris is a city made for romance.

6. Try the Sewer Tour. This happens to be a popular underground attraction in the city ever since it was built during the time of Napoleon III. Seeing these sewers with your own eyes will bring out your adventurous and curious nature. This network of tunnels can stretch to 1,300 miles when laid from one end to another.

7. Explore the Chateau de Chantilly. This chateau rises up like a mirage from a moat in the middle of a dense forest. This place is one of the best examples of the French architecture from the 16th, 18th and the 19th century. This place is perfect for a day trip from Paris and it is open for tours. If you have a museum pass, admission to this place is free.

8. Enjoy your breakfast at Marche’ d’Aligre. The cheapest food in Paris can be enjoyed at this food market which is open every morning except on Mondays. Located just east of Bastille, this is an ideal place to grab something to eat especially when you time your visit at the end of the morning when the prices fall lower.

Paris is not just about glitz and glamour, there is more to this city as far as art, culture and fun is concerned.

Best Attractions in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

Tel Aviv, "the city that never stops" is known to be the most liberal and fun city in Israel. It's just like the berlin of the Middle East.

Located in the center of Israel, Tel Aviv offers varied attractions for travelers from all around the world.

One of them is Tel Aviv's cool bars. You can find fancy bars near Dizengoff Center which is a special shopping mall at the intersection of Dizengoff Street and King George Street. You just need to walk by the shops and find lots of Sophisticated bars for Sophisticated people.

Another attraction is Tel Aviv's sunny beaches. If you are a tourist from a cold country you will be glad to know that Tel Aviv's beaches are a great way to catch some sun! but be careful! Always wear sunscreen. One of the most known beaches is bograshov beach. You should check it out!

One of my favorite attraction is Jaffa, which is the oldest part of Tel Aviv. Jaffa's buildings are a treasure for people who love old architecture. One of the most beautiful parts in Jaffa is Jaffa clock tower which stands in the middle of Yefet street.

In Addition, some of Tel Aviv's streets are an attraction that you should not miss. One of them is Ehad Haam street which is one of the most ancient streets of Tel Aviv. This street is filled with old buildings from the 1920's and makes you feel like you have came back in time. Also, if you visit Tel Aviv you just have to see Neve Tzedek that is a neighborhood located in southwestern Tel Aviv. This distinctive place is considered to be Tel Aviv's latest fashionable and expensive districts, with a village-like atmosphere. In Conclusion, Tel Aviv-Jaffa is filled with cool attractions, you just need to walk the streets and find them near you.

Best attractions in Switzerland

Swiss is located in Western and Central Europe. It's bordered by Germany to the north, Austria and Liechtenstein to the east, France to the west and Italy to the south. Swiss is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. Only second to the beauty of Norway, since Swiss is a sweeter and less wild version of Norway.

One of the best attractions in Swiss is its federal city, Bern. Bern's symbol is a black bear. It offers a great view on historic buildings, beautiful streets and tasty cafes. If you travel the city you could watch real bears playing! Bern is full with young swiss people who like fashion and with luxury stores.

Another attraction of Swiss is the city Lucerne. One of the most touching sculptures is presented in Lucerne. This sculpture is called "The Lion Monument". It shows a mournful and wounded lion crying.

This sculpture commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution. The famous writer Mark Twain called the sculpture: "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world." This attraction is most suitable for people who love history and who also like art.

In addition, The Chapel Bridge, which is a bridge that is located in Lucerne is an unusual bridge. It's covered with pink flowers and beneath the bridge live flocks of swans. This attraction is best suitable to people who love nature, good views and beautiful cities.

Furthermore, you have to visit Papiliorama, which is located in Kerzers. It offers a view on the wild nature. Visiting this wonderful place allow you to experience a colorful ballet of exotic butterflies flying freely around you and it's a very stunning experience.

In conclusion, Swiss offers great attractions. So, what are you waiting for? You should travel Swiss and tell us what you think.